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Brydan provides individual counselling and assessment for adult clients. He understands that seeking support can be difficult, and aims to create a safe and non-judgmental space for his clients to explore their concerns. 

Counselling is confidential service to assist a person in becoming more emotionally healthy and self-aware. Brydan offers counselling with clients in-person and online via telehealth, across Australia and internationally. Individuals, couples, and families can seek counselling to help address various issues in their lives, however Brydan generally only works with individuals. From time to time, clients may ask for their partner, carer or another important person to attend, however this is rare and the focus is on supporting the client. 

Brydan works with clients across a wide range of issues, and he has a particular interest in the following mental health difficulties: 

  • emotion regulation difficulties

  • anxiety and panic

  • mood disorders (e.g. depression and bipolar disorder)

  • personality disorders (particularly borderline personality disorder)

  • chronic pain

  • trauma (complex and Post-Traumatic Stress) 

  • victims of crime and offenders

  • sexual health and intimacy problems

  • sexuality and gender concerns

  • relationship and family issues

  • role transitions and adjustment

  • stress management

  • work and study issues

  • eating and body image disorders​ (particularly males with eating and body image concerns)

1-on-1 Group Therapy Support

Are you current enrolled in or waiting for a group treatment / therapy program to commence? Some group treatment programs require participants to be supported through their own psychologist for individual treatment.  

Group treatment is a cost-effective way to engage in various forms of treatment and skill development, and being part of the group can also be part of the treatment approach. Examples of group treatment programs include: 

  • Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT) skills training

  • Emotion management, trauma & PTSD

  • Behavioural change programs 

  • Alcohol and Other Drugs (AOD) programs

  • Eating disorder out-patient programs


Brydan has experience delivering group therapies and understands the value that one-on-one counselling can have to support clients as they complete group therapies. Brydan works with clients who are engaged in group therapy / treatment programs to support them on an individual basis as they navigate these. 

Individual support for group therapy programs can include support while waiting for programs to commence, between session coaching, case conferences with your support team (e.g. GP, peer support, family, carers and other supports), processing issues that come up for you during treatment, and reinforcement of group therapy content learnings, etc. 

Please contact Brydan directly by email if you have questions about 1-on-1 group therapy support.   

Psychological Testing

Brydan can administer a variety of psychological tests for various purposes, and can prepare appropriate reports. While some forms of testing need to be administered in-person, there are many that can be completed online with brydan or in your own time, which can reduce testing costs and improve accessibility to people with busy lives, or living in regional and remote areas.

Brydan works with clients in-person and online via telehealth, across Australia and internationally. There are nine broad types of psychological tests: 

  • Intelligence tests.

  • Personality tests.

  • Attitude tests.

  • Achievement tests.

  • Aptitude tests.

  • Neuropsychological tests.

  • Vocational tests.

  • Direct observation tests.

There are too many types of testing across these groups to list here. Please contact Brydan to discuss your testing needs, appropriate psychological tests, required time, fees (including report writing fees) and availability, and whether he has experience in and is able to administer tests unique to your situation.  

Emergency and Crisis Support

Brydan does not provide a emergency or crisis services. 


If your safety or the safety of others is at risk, contact emergency services on 000 (24 hours) or attend a local hospital Emergency Department (ED). 

Crisis or support while on the waitlist

If you're waiting to work with Brydan and need to speak with someone because you're experience a mental health crisis, but it is not an emergency, please try the following:

  • Safety Plan: utilise your Safety Plan if you have one, or create one via Beyond Now.

  • Contact a local CAT Team: contact psychiatric triage in your local area to speak with a Crisis Assessment and Triage Team (CATT) (note: it is  common to wait a few hours before receiving a call-back after leaving a voice message). 

Wait List

Wait lists are used when referrals have been received, but a client needs to wait until there is availability before an appointment can be scheduled. 

Brydan currently has limited wait times, generally 1-2 weeks. If your situation is urgent (e.g. you have experienced recent trauma, please email Brydan).

If your availability is limited (e.g. only outside of 9-5 business hours), this may mean that it can take longer to find an appointment time that meets both your needs and Brydan's availability to see you. 

Unfortunately, Brydan is unable to provide support while new clients are on the waitlist.

Opening Hours

Wednesdays (In-Clinic / Online)


At Brydan's office in Prahran, he offers appointments on Wednesdays only at this time. Sessions may be in-person or online via telehealth (video). Practice hours are 9am - 7pm.

Saturdays (Online only)

Brydan has some availability on Saturdays between 9am - 2pm, for telehealth online appointments only.  

Telehealth online appointments are available for clients Australia-wide and internationally.

Book Online

If you’re a private paying or Medicare client, or your employer has a Service Agreement with Brydan for EAP, please book online

Phone call

If you’d like to start with a confidential and friendly chat to explore your options, please call Brydan on 0404 607 479.


If you’d like to contact Brydan, ask a question or get help to book an appointment, please fill the online contact form or email.

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