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Psychological Testing

Psychological Testing and Assessment

1 / Types of Testing

Brydan can administer a variety of psychological tests for various purposes, and can prepare appropriate reports.


There are nine types of psychological tests: 

  • Intelligence tests.

  • Personality tests.

  • Attitude tests.

  • Achievement tests.

  • Aptitude tests.

  • Neuropsychological tests.

  • Vocational tests.

  • Direct observation tests.

There are too many types of testing across these groups to list here. Please contact Brydan to discuss your testing needs, and whether he has experience in and is able to administer tests to your situation.  

2 / Testing costs

The fees for administering and reporting results of psychological tests vary depending on the battery of tests required. Fees are calculated based on the time it takes to administer (number of sessions), interpret data, and to write up reports, as well as any costs for testing materials.   

Some fees can be reduced where online self-administration options exists. However, in some situations, further testing is required once data from initial tests is reviewed.

Unfortunately, Medicare rebates are not available for undertaking psychological testing and reports, as Medicare rebates are generally only for treatment. However, Brydan may be able to conduct some tests on behalf of and provide reports to psychiatrists, which may reduce overall costs for clients seeking diagoses from psychiatrists. Please consult your psychiatrist, to determine whether they are prepared to rely on third-party psychological testing to support their diagnostic services.

3 / Testing availability and wait-times

Brydan has limited availability for psychological testing. Some testing requires administration to be undertaken across multiple multiple appointments. Please contact Brydan for details of waitlists and approximate wait-times.


As it is important to determine clients' testing needs prior to attending testing sessions, appointments for psychological testing cannot be arranged through Brydan's online booking system. 

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