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Counselling for  LGBTIQAPSB+

If you're part of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and gender-diverse, intersex, queer/questioning, pansexual, sistergirl and brotherboy (LGBTIQAPSB+) community and are struggling with your mental health, you're not alone. 

Although many LGBTIQAPSB+ Australians live healthy and happy lives, research shows that the community experiences higher rates of mental health challenges than those that are not sex, gender or sexuality diverse. Often, this relates to stigma, discrimination and abuse faced by the LGBTIQAPSB+ community. 

Compared to the general population, a disproportionate number of LGBTIQAPSB+ people experience poorer mental health outcomes and have a higher risk of suicidal behaviours. Mental illness is not caused by being LGBTIQAPSB+, but the related stigma, bullying, abuse and discrimination can, lead to issues across all areas of life. Due to the stress of feeling different, you can feel constantly on guard, feel alienated from others around you, and may also experience internalised homophobia or transphobia.


Research also shows that LGBTIQAPSB+ people with other intersectional identities (such as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, those with cultural and linguistic diversity, people with disabilities, people in rural, regional or remote locations, and those with experience or at risk of homelessness or family violence) may have further increased risk of experiencing mental illness.   

Brydan is a member of the LGBTIQAPSB+ community and has an interest working with other people within the community, regardless of their gender, sex or sexuality. He seeks to create a safe space for his clients who may want to explore issues connected with their gender, sex or sexuality, while also being able to address mental illness without being pathologised because of their gender, sex or sexuality. In doing so, he aims to improve the mental health outcomes and reduce suicide and suicidal behaviour amongst LGBTIQAPSB+ people in the community he is a part of.

Book Online

If you’re a private paying or Medicare client, or your employer has a Service Agreement with Brydan for EAP, please book online

Phone call

If you’d like to start with a confidential and friendly chat to explore your options, please call Brydan on 0404 607 479.


If you’d like to contact Brydan, ask a question or get help to book an appointment, please fill the online contact form or email.

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