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Stages of Change

Everyone is on their own journey, and sometimes we're not ready yet to take the necessary actions that move us towards the way we want to live our lives. 


Counselling with Brydan is voluntary (even if you've been ordered by a court, you can choose whether you work with Brydan or someone else!). It's okay if you're not ready... yet, Brydan will be here to support you when you are ready. 


The process of change can be broken down in to 5 stages, and we can move forwards and backwards through these: 

  1. Precontemplation: Not thinking about or ready to recognise the need to make any changes.

  2. Contemplation: Thinking about making a change but not sure if you want to do it; possibly ambivalent or hesitant about taking action. 

  3. Preparation: Getting ready to make a change by planning what to do, by gathering information, and making plans to implement change.

  4. Action: Actually making the change happen and doing something different, even though experiencing challenges and setbacks along the way.

  5. Maintenance: Keeping up the change you made and making sure it sticks for the long term by conmsolidating new behaviours and coping strategies to prevent relapse into previous patterns.

Some models also consider 'termination' to be the 6th and final stage. This is the ultmate goal of working with Brydan, where his clients have developed the tools and skills to be able to manage their mentall health on their own without Brydan.  There's likely to be times of lapses (temporary set-backs) and relapses (starting from the start), but in many cases, these can be expected, anticipated and the risk of them reduced. 

Do your research


If you're new to therapy, check out the 'What is Therapy' page for some more information.

Once you've decided that you ready to take some action and seek support, it's time to decide who you want to work with. Therapy is a team sport and choosing a therapist who you think you can work with is important. 

Read the information available on this website about Brydan, his background, qualifications and interestes to see whether you think that he's a good fit for you. We all have our different needs and preferences, so be sure to acknowledge these for yourself.

Book Online

If you’re a private paying or Medicare client, or your employer has a Service Agreement with Brydan for EAP, please book online

Phone call

If you’d like to start with a confidential and friendly chat to explore your options, please call Brydan on 0404 607 479.


If you’d like to contact Brydan, ask a question or get help to book an appointment, please fill the online contact form or email.

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